The Name​-​The Lost Tapes (Deluxe Version)

by The Name

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Rescued from a box of dusty tapes, untouched for more than 20 years, this is the Deluxe Version of "The Lost Tapes" double album from cult British 80s Indie Rock band, "The Name". Now preserved for future generations of new listeners. Produced by Steve Bull. More info at


released December 11, 2013

Restoration and digital re-mastering by producer Steve Bull at SB Audio Ltd. Musicians include, Mark Strobel, Steve Bull, Steve Lamb, Brian Gatens, Steve Crittall, Andy Turner, Rob Remington. Extra production from Mark Dearnley and Teo Miller. Special thanks to Carsten, Miki Loarte and all who pledged to the Kickstarter campaign. Above all thanks to Jane. You guys made it happen, many thanks, Steve Bull.



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Track Name: Whirlpool (Demo)
Dive, dive, dive into the Whirlpool....come out singing on the other side :-)
Track Name: Falling From The Edge Of The World (Demo)
No scars, no tears, no-one remembers them....they're falling from the edge of the world...
Track Name: Yesterday (Demo)
Some of us will fall, some will remain and some of us are holding on to a golden dream....
Track Name: East Of Eden (Cassette Demo)
Can you hear the cries of a wildcat, crying in the night? Can you hear me crying out for you?
Track Name: Dancing In A Strange Way (Demo)
Secrets of an unknown vision, she dances, into the night...
Track Name: The Mirror Breaks (Demo)
You can change your direction, bend a reflection...but sooner or later the mirror breaks.
Track Name: I Keep On Running (Demo)
I keep on running...but you're so far away. I keep on running...everyday.
Track Name: The Driving Rain (1st single)
I stand at the edge of a wishing's an ocean, an ocean of tears..I pick up all the coins, throw them back into the sea. I'll make a wish for you will you make a wish for the Driving Rain.
Track Name: Spirit World (B Side)
Each night I sleep surrounded, as I dream in a Spirit World.
Track Name: The Great Depression (Jovel Demo)
All my dreams have been blown away. I can't remember where I am today. And this is called The Great depression.
Track Name: Walk Into The World (Cassette Demo)
Walk out, out into the world with your eyes wide open.
Track Name: Southern Girl (KPM Demo)
I need my sugar and candy. Well I need you badly, my "southern" girl ;-)
Track Name: New Day (KPM Demo)
Out there there's a new day, a new day that waits for you...I will be out there, waving in tomorrow and a new day.
Track Name: I Won't Forget You (Early demo)
I won't forget you, when I'm out there, in that big blue world.
Track Name: Jesus And The Devil (Demo)
Can you teach me how to walk on the water. Can you teach me how to hold back the seas. Can you teach me how to walk on the fire, will you dance with me in the flames. I got Jesus and the Devil in me.
Track Name: Dangerous Times (Demo)
Well, wouldn't you say we lived in dangerous times?
Track Name: Lost Generation (Promo Vinyl)
Good morning to you, come to blow the blues right through you...Lost Generation.
Track Name: Last War Song (CD Single)
Sirens start singing, start singing the last war song.....
Track Name: I Will be There (Demo)
I will be there with you every step of the way....
Track Name: Walk Into The World (Live Radio Hamburg)
what can you see, can you see it all?
Track Name: Cold-Machine God (Live in Hamburg 1989)
I pray to the new machine God. I pray to the new Messiah.
Track Name: Take You Up (Acoustic demo)
I will give you everything. I will give myself to you, will you give yourself to me?
Track Name: Too Little Love (Frankfurt Sessions)
Too little love is bad for you. It will make a mess of you, make you feel like you want to cry, make you feel like you want to die. Hey, hey.
Track Name: How Does It Feel (Frankfurt Sessions)
Well I met a robot girl. She said she'd take me for a ride. How does it feel to be so does it feel?
Track Name: Fire Of Love (Frankfurt Sessions)
There's gonna be a golden light, shining up over your sky tonight. I'm gonna light up a fire of love.
Track Name: Texas (Frankfurt Sessions)
If you live you only prove your faith, if it turns out you die...she won't cry. You will never ever see it rain in Texas again.
Track Name: Restless (Live In Hamburg)
Bye bye, baby bye bye. Save your tears and don't you cry. There's something telling me I've got to go, and where it is then I just dont know. I've got to be going and where I'm going, well there ain't a cloud in the sky.
Track Name: Time (Demo)
Don't say I worry for nothing my friend. Give it time, give it time.